The Pentatonix Christmas song

If you’re a lover of patisserie and tired of Silent Night and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, then you could do worse than check out this superb Christmas song by the Pentatonix.

The fabulous Pentatonix from Texas
The fabulous Pentatonix from Texas

This five piece a cappella band from Arlington, the capital of Texas has been steadily building a reputation for close harmonies and powerful cover versions of famous pop tunes. Kirstie and Scott front the lead lineup with Mitch and Avi melding in, all over the top of Kevin’s stunning basso profundo beatboxing. It’s all a cappella with not an instrument in sight, though sometimes it’s hard to believe.

With their Christmas release, the best ever version of the famous 1984 song “Mary did you Know?”, they appeal to a whole new audience and will certainly win many more admirers worldwide. Plug in your Bose cans and give it a listen:

Now doesn’t that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?
And finally, it’s a little-known fact that before every single performance and recording session, Kirstie Maldonado insists on a slice of Sachertorte, that deliciously rich chocolate cake invented in Austria by Franz Sacher in 1832 and now enjoyed by chocolate-lovers everywhere. Sachertorte is Austria’s own Christmas cake.

Sachertorte - the cake of a cappella heroines
Sachertorte – the cake of a cappella heroines

Kirstie first discovered this delicacy during a visit to New York in 2002, found that it enhanced her vocal range by a good half-octave, and has kept it as a staple of her performances ever since. And as a tool of the trade, the Pentatonix’s Sacheretorte is even tax-deductible!