Poison by Alice Cooper

My song of the day is Poison, released in September 1989. My word that makes me feel old.

The song was the biggest hit on on Alice Cooper’s 18th studio album Trash. I’m amazed he’d had that many albums, and he must be in his mid twenties by now. Not that he’s recorded anything recently that gets the same amount of airplay as Poison, and his earlier hits ‘School’s out’ and ‘No more, Mr nice guy’. Anyway, back to the brilliant song that is Poison.

The song was written by Desmond Child and John McCurr. John also played guitar on the song, but Desmond Child is really interesting and I could devote a whole category on this blog to him. He is a famus songwriter who specialises in pop rock anthems, and he was absolutely on fire in the late 1980s and early 1990s. ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi – he co-wrote that, ‘How can we be lovers’ by Michael Bolton. Yeah, not as cool but still a massive worldwide hit.

He also wrote ‘Just like Jesse James’ for Cher and loads of songs for Kiss and Aerosmith. anyway, enough about Desmond Child for now, and more about ‘Poison’.

How high did ‘Poison’ rise?

Number seven in the USA singles chart. That’s not bad for a band who hadn’t had any sizeable hits for 15 years. But in the UK, the song rose to number two. What was number one I hear you ask?

Erm, it was this:

“Swing the Mood” by Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers.

So what’s the song about?

A dangerous woman?  drugs or even AIDS? Alice Cooper said in a recent interview that this song is about his alcohol and drug addictions. He has a history with addiction, and it seems likely that this was the first album he released after rehab. He probably misses the drugs but knows the damage they do.

Personally I prefer it to be a tortured love song to a dangerous woman, but never mind!



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